The 90 Degree Christmas

It takes a little getting used to Christmas in the topics. Zero chance of snow and another 90 degree day just like the others. Oh I love this place! Good thing Santa has retractable landing gear on the sleigh to make the landings here.  

 This was our Christmas view today. Different from a northern celebration but wonderful nonetheless.  
 January just around the corner, and after the holiday break we are continuing our efforts to build Clinica Campesina. It is going to be an exiting year. Merry Christamas everybody. Thank you so much for the terrific year. 



  My friend from high school runs a wonderful charity in the Seattle area called Outdoors For All. They provide a wide range of activities for disabled and amputees. Providing opportunities and options to people in need is one of the beautiful things about the US. Here in Panama these types of things are not so available. There is a large number of men missing legs, mostly from agriculture accidents, and from untreated infection. The access to healthcare is difficult, and when you lose a limb here it is a life of unemployment and crutches. Basic health services are miles away. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a facility with the resources and contacts to help bridge the healthcare gap to those in need?  Consider being a corporate sponsor. Consider donating a leg or two. Join with us at 

Our Vision

Panama Medical and Dental Mission is located five hours from

Panama City at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula. The mission serves residents along the coastline of this beautiful, yet economically depressed area that is steeped in traditional Panama. In this place of rolling hills and farmlands surrounded by jungle and beaches is Clinica Campesina, a state of the art free clinic serving economically challenged and afflicted people of the region. The clinic is staffed full time with volunteer doctors and nurses from out of the area, and also staffed with students and interns in cooperation with the Universidad de Panama and the local hospital in Tonosi.
 Transportation is a major stumbling block to residents of the area, so patients calling the clinic can get transportation to and from the clinic with a phone call. Shuttle service from the port at Isla Canas is also available.

In conjunction with the clinic and to enhance the stay and cultural experience of our volunteers we have two beautiful off grid beachfront cottages. Isla Canas and Cambutal Panama are picturesque beach communities filled with traditional Panamanians living like you would imagine 75 years ago. Homemade sombreros and sandals, fields cultivated by hand, skilled cowboys, traditional community gatherings (juntas, matanzas, and vacunaderas), are part of the culture you will experience. Also, monkeys and abundant other wildlife, waterfalls, cattle drives, beachcombing, and surfing are just part of the experience of old Panama. This exposure to the traditions and customs of old Panama is a sight to see. Living it will change you for a lifetime. See us at to partner with us. Here is the gate to the property.

We are so excited to open this gate to help the impoverished of our region. Join us!

Panama Medical and Dental Mission

 Did you know that in our area of Panama there is one dentist to service 10,500 people? It is very difficult to access dental care, as no appointment is taken and it is on a first come, first serve basis. You may spend a days pay to get to the clinic, just to be turned away or referred to another dentist 50 miles away. In light of this, most people see a dentist very, very late, and only in an emergency. Please consider a gift today to help get healthcare to the afflicted of our region. Every little bit helps us to help them. We’d love to have you join with us. 

The building above was donated to, and will be used eventually as a facility storage and maintainance building. It needs remodel. We almost have the funds for that. Please help with what you can. It will also be the initial clinic as we grow the project. Thanks everybody.

The land and home donation to Panama Medical and Dental Mission is a beautiful spot and will be a tremendous blessing to the poor of our region.  

 This two bedroom home will be for caretaker quarters, facility storage and may also act as a temporary clinic until the real clinic is done. On the hilltop next to this structure we want two guest cottages for our volunteers, and down by the main road we’ll have the clinic, cafe, and pharmacy.  This is the view down to the road. 

 Please help us help them. We can’t do it alone. Donations are needed as well as volunteers to help in other ways. has more info. Together it’s easy. Thanks everybody!



Finding Ways

Our vision for the clinic complex is a beautiful modern Medical and Dental Facility with a small pharmacy, cafe, volunteer housing, and caretaker quarters that also work for facility storage of medical supplies, food, linens, laundry,etc.    

    While much of the existing house is hidden from view, it is a good size two bedroom structure with large rooms. It has not been occupied for several years, but is a solid structure perfect for our needs in the future, and can double as a temporary clinic. 

  The bedrooms are oversized and adrquate for a temporary doctors office and a dental clinic. 

The remodel includes a new roof, adding an indoor bathroom, sealing the open ceiling edges, and bringing in the power. Also tile floors and real windows and paint. We also need new doors in and out. Donations are still needed. We are close to having the funds to start the remodel. Please help with what you can. 


Agua Buena Update


Finding a balance of life and being a good neighbor. We gave away all our corn yesterday. Wow the place was happy! We were the only ones in our area that had a harvest. Not sure why everybodys corn stunted, but we had enough for 7 families yesterday.
We are getting a lot of medical calls at the house and out in the neighborhood. The rainy season finally at normal speed, the corn is tasty and the fruit and rice and everything else is calm. Theclinicfund enters its second month, and thanks to everyone for your shares and donations. We still have a lot of work to do. Today are hearts are with the French people.