Our Vision

Panama Medical and Dental Mission is located five hours from

Panama City at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula. The mission serves residents along the coastline of this beautiful, yet economically depressed area that is steeped in traditional Panama. In this place of rolling hills and farmlands surrounded by jungle and beaches is Clinica Campesina, a state of the art free clinic serving economically challenged and afflicted people of the region. The clinic is staffed full time with volunteer doctors and nurses from out of the area, and also staffed with students and interns in cooperation with the Universidad de Panama and the local hospital in Tonosi.
 Transportation is a major stumbling block to residents of the area, so patients calling the clinic can get transportation to and from the clinic with a phone call. Shuttle service from the port at Isla Canas is also available.

In conjunction with the clinic and to enhance the stay and cultural experience of our volunteers we have two beautiful off grid beachfront cottages. Isla Canas and Cambutal Panama are picturesque beach communities filled with traditional Panamanians living like you would imagine 75 years ago. Homemade sombreros and sandals, fields cultivated by hand, skilled cowboys, traditional community gatherings (juntas, matanzas, and vacunaderas), are part of the culture you will experience. Also, monkeys and abundant other wildlife, waterfalls, cattle drives, beachcombing, and surfing are just part of the experience of old Panama. This exposure to the traditions and customs of old Panama is a sight to see. Living it will change you for a lifetime. See us at http://www.theclinicfund.org to partner with us. Here is the gate to the property.

We are so excited to open this gate to help the impoverished of our region. Join us!


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