The Top Ten

Focusing on providing health and dental services to the poor of our region we continue to stumble upon other needs that are taken for granted in many parts of the world.  

 While many doors are opening every day, the gate to the clinic land is closed. We almost have enough money to do the remodel of the house, and can operate temporarily from that. Thank you for your contributions to get this rolling. It is so exciting to see it coming together. There are so many other opportunities to serve here. I found out yesterday that my entire neighborhood shares 1 nail clipper between them. That is where we are starting from. This is my top ten.

1.  Medical and Dental

2.  Clean water resources

3.  Spay and  Neuter services

4.  Educational Resources

5.  Sanitation

6.  Health Education

7.  Hygienic Awareness

8.  Activities Center or Sports org

9.  Shoes and foot care

10. Clothing exchange or other idea

There is so much that can be done. If you have a specialty or would like to help in some way, let us know and we can work with you to create a project.  

 We do have room for a ball field on the clinic land. Wouldn’t that be something?  Please consider a gift to help this charity.




Learning how to give here in the jungle took a little practice, but I think we’ve figured it out. One of our neighbors was eyeing some leftover block when we finished our house. He thought it would make a fine pig sty, and so we loaded the truck and hauled it down the road.  

 And there it sat. And sat. Word got to us that they needed sand, and cement, and forms, and gravel. When giving here, you need to give the whole gift. Money is scarce, and the idea of building a pig sty is just an idea without all the materials. We’ve learned a lot from our neighbors, and we’ve also learned how blessed we are to have a few resources to be able to help when we can. And so many here have so little to work with, they all share in the labors of their neighbors, and together they make some really cool things out of scrap and materials they can collect from the jungle. Nothing is wasted and everything is reused. The ultimate re-use, recycle area. Join with us to provide medical and dental care by building the clinic. Thanks so much for anything you can do. This 10 pound papaya grew from a single stem that was nurtured to a tree. We can do this! 

So Much More than a Clinic

While Medical and Dental services is a focus of the clinic, we are excited to include so much more once the infrastructure is in place.  

 We will be able to host construction missions, water improvement, proselytizing, educators, sports, medical internships, and so forth. We see every day there is so much that can be done, and our goal is to include everyone that has a skill or resource to share will be welcome here. Living old panama is a sight to see. Experiencing it will change you for a lifetime. Artisan quality, hand made everything, and a genuine kindness and love for people the way it was meant to be. We hope you will all see for yourself. We love visitors!!  

 Thei clinic land entrance  

This is all of the resource material at the local school. After 65 years the school just got electricity. They need wifi and computers! We need volunteers! 

Back to Panama

Thanks to everyone that has made this journey the past month a  

 pleasure. On errand for the people of rural Panama, doors have been opened and you have all been so gracious. Thanks for all your contributions and shares. We are getting it done together. That is the only way we can change this corner of the world. Tomorrow is a big day for the project. We need everyone to donate, no matter how much. It triggers the algorithm to punch our fund to the forefront. Then it rolls on!  For the world to see. I hope one day you can meet the people you are helping. They are most grateful. Make a difference to thousands of great people that need you. Thanks and click below. Jiminpanama

Bless you

Getting Started

A few months ago I was invited to a junta rancho. When I showed up in the morning I was the only one there, along with the host of the project. I saw the poles and the penca branches all stacked in a big pile. I thought wow! “This could be a long day”!  

 Little by little people started to show up, and what seemed like an impossible task became an easy day. Everyone brought a machete, and they all knew what to do. I was amazed! It was beautiful! 

Please help me today. Every little bit helps, and at the end of the day we’ll have a beautiful building, medical and dental services, and a transport van to get options to these people that give freely to their friends. It will give them an option instead of just waiting, and hoping. Together we can! Donate and share. This will be beautiful!  

Theclinicfund Update

Working behind the scenes this past year was full of surprises, and
some findings that we already suspected. While our idea to establish the clinic was well received, and as partnerships were formed, I came across some interesting data from the medical district. Tissue Necrosis is a top ten illness in the interior. Cuts, bites, lacerations and other injuries just go untreated until it’s very late in the disease process.

20% of the population was seen for dead tissue last year. (Necrosis la Pulpa)

Access to healthcare is difficult, and everyone waits and hopes, that they will get better. Waiting and hoping is not a good option when most of the population works with a machete every day. Field work and other farm work is an injury prone business. This is not all. Real medical issues go untreated as well. Renal and GI problems just linger for months. We’ve found someone that need our help. Join us!  Every little bit helps. Once in a while an opportunity comes along that can help thousands for years to come. This is going to impact so many lives. Be our partner. Join us today!    
Clinic land view towards the road

$1 Per Block

Building any structure is hard work. Little by little and bit by bit until you have it. Imagine that! Working together we can make something we are very proud of, and the people it will service will be so grateful to have a medical and dental option. Junta conmigo!  1 block=$1. 1 bag  of cement =$10. Every little bit helps to make this corner of the world a better place.  

 This generous land donation is a beautiful spot for the project. Watch is rise up out of the grass! Join with us today.